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Coil turner

For a diameter between 70 and 300 mm

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A range of products for handling all coils with an internal diameter of 70 to 300 mm.

These suspended devices allow reels to be handled in complete safety, with care and without any risk of unhooking. They can be used by a single person and are immediately operational because they do not require any energy.

1/ reel lifters for loads up to 1,000kg
The clamping of the jaws is mechanical and the clamping operation by steel or vulcanized steel segments can be manual or automatic.

2/ reel lifters for loads up to 2,500 kg
There are several turning modes adapted to the weights and dimensions of the coils to be handled. All the devices are made to measure according to the widths and diameters of the rolls to be handled.

The specific device for telescopic products weighing up to 300 Kg is a pneumatic turner type RWK I/A. Rotation and clamping are ensured pneumatically, clamping is done laterally by a gripper which compresses the coil on a non-expandable central spur with a diameter of 60mm.

The device suitable for heavy coils is a hydraulic turner of the RWS type (the hydraulic pump is integrated in the turner). The rotation is hydraulic and the tightening of the spur can be mechanical or hydraulic. The devices are available by size and by capacity in successive accumulation of loads of 250 Kg from 250 Kg up to 2500 Kg. turner, hoist and possibly jib crane controls are possible options. It is possible to lift and return reels with a maximum width of 2000mm with diameters up to 1800mm. The standard power supply is 380 V; 50Hz 3 phase.



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