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The cold microperforation unit

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The MF microperforation unit is a real microperforation unit that is easy to handle, easy to adjust, high performance, very reliable and safe. It can be easily connected to extruders, printing machines, welders, rewinders and all other plastic film processing machines. It is particularly suitable for shrink films, low density polyethylene and in general for elastic (stretch) films and paper.


The microperforation set consists of the following elements:

  • Steel end frames

  • Coating of the rubber counter roller with grooves on the periphery of the body corresponding to the passage of the needles; the rotation of the roller is driven by the passage of the film (on request, or for particular applications, we can supply a brush roller).

  • Twin gears for synchronous rotation of the rubber coated roller and the microperforation roller to avoid any tearing of the film during perforation (only for pitch > 20 mm).

  • Needle roller equipped with shells, on which the needles are mounted. The shells are semi-cylinder plates with a width of 20 cm.

  • Easy replacement of the needle shells without removing the roller from the microperforation unit. Generally, the needles have a diameter of 1.42 mm, but on request and for particular applications, we can supply a unit with another diameter of perforation.

  • Protective casing to avoid contact with needles. Up to 1600 mm in width, the pneumatic opening and closing movement of the microperforation roller is offered as an option, and is only fitted on customer request. Beyond the width of 1600 mm it is essential. It is currently fitted to the MF 3 and MF4 models. Trace of the microperforation (the arrangement of the holes in the material)



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