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Barbed multi-bladder shaft with through bore

A tree that sits on an existing bar

Designed for use on existing bars, they are suitable for applications where expanded length is critical. They allow the use of one or more coils on the same shaft. They are made on the basis of extruded aluminum profiles. They are light to handle and excellent value for money. As standard, these shafts are anodized and equipped with pre-centering bars. Depending on the application, the strips are made of aluminum or polyurethane. This shaft model makes it possible to change the bladders without dismantling the journals. The custom design and manufacture of the shafts allows the perfect match with your needs and in particular your torque, load and speed constraints. The range of expandable shafts of the MAP EXNG type allows the use of chucks with diameters varying between 70 and 300mm.



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