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Our services


Studies & Realization

Our Design Office department is at your disposal to produce the product best suited to your needs.

We study your specifications and make sure to provide you with the most complete and competitive technical response.

We carry out studies on any type of winding/unwinding product.


Large diameter rolls

Airmat Technology is able to produce your large diameter and long length rolls.

Design, production, surface repair, our workshop has all the machines and skills necessary to carry out your project.

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After sales service

The After-Sales Service, which is particularly efficient, provides all our customers with maintenance services and provides valuable and useful advice. It is this set, almost unique in France, knowing how to combine innovation and manufacturing quality that allows Airmat Technology to be present or represented in Europe, North America or Asia.

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Expertise of your trees

Airmat Technology assesses your trees and issues the necessary recommendations to keep them in perfect working order. If necessary, repairs can also be carried out in our workshops.

Airmat Technology est expert dans l’équilibrage dynamique. Nous sommes capables d’équilibrer dynamiquement des pièces de grandes dimensions

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Equilibrage Dynamique


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