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INN type

Single bladder shaft with nipples on inner shells

A reinforced torque shaft

Designed for winding and unwinding reels of variable widths, these shafts are robust and powerful. They accept heavy loads and significant bung tensions. They allow the use of one or more coils on the same shaft. They can be made as a half pin for cantilever applications. They are suitable for the use of cardboard, plastic or steel cores. These shafts are made of steel, aluminum or composite. Depending on the application, they are equipped with aluminum, steel or polyurethane nipples. The internal thrust is maximized which allows the transmission of a high torque. The custom design and manufacture of the shafts allows the perfect match with your needs and in particular your torque, load and speed constraints. Possibility of “Great Expansion” trees. The range of DCI-type expandable shafts allows the use of chucks with diameters of 60 to 400 mm.



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