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Barbed Multi Bladder Tree

A light and powerful shaft for large chucks

Designed for winding and unwinding rolls of varying widths, these shafts are suitable for applications where expanded length is critical. They allow the use of one or more coils on the same shaft. They can be made as a half pin for cantilever applications. They can in some cases replace friction shafts. Light and powerful, they are an excellent compromise for obtaining light shafts with large chuck diameters. They allow the transmission of a high torque. They are particularly suitable for the use of cardboard, plastic or steel cores. They are made of aluminum or even steel and can be equipped with aluminum or polyurethane strips. The custom design and manufacture of the shafts allows the perfect match with your needs and in particular your torque, load and speed constraints. The range of BEX-type expandable shafts allows the use of chucks with diameters varying between 200 and 500mm.



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