SV & SVSA Type

Mechano-pneumatic shaft

A shaft with concentric tightening for small diameters

Designed for winding and unwinding reels with variable widths, these shafts are robust and powerful. They allow the use of one or more reel on a single shaft. They can be made as a half-spindle for cantilever applications. They are specially designed for vacuum applications. Their mechano-pneumatic design enables to obtain excellent values of concentricity. "SV" version expands by pressurizing the shaft (5/6 bar). "SVSA" version expands when there is no more area in the shaft. Very useful for unwrapping or several days cycles applications. The "SVSA" construction, which meets all safety requirements, can be used for reel handling and lifting. Custom designing and manufacturing of the shafts allows a perfect match with your needs; especially torque, load and speed constraints. SV & SVSA expandable shafts range allows the use of 70 to 150mm diameters core.


    Other expanding shafts

  • MPT-3.png

    MPT Type
    Air-mechanical expanding chuck without inner bladd
  • Type_EXR-2.png

    EXR Type
    Pneumatic shaft with bars and lateral adjustment