A multi bladder with bars

A light and powerful shaft

Designed for winding and unwinding reel with variable widths, these shafts are suitable for applications in which expanded length is crucial. They allow the use of one or more core on a single shaft. They can be made as a half-spindle for cantilever applications. They are manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles. They are light to handle and give excellent value for money. Standard model is anodized and equipped with pre-centering bars. Depending on the application, the bars are made of aluminum or polyurethane. This model of shafts enables to change the bladders without taking of the journals. The custom designing and manufacturing of the shafts allow a perfect match with your needs; especially torque, load and speed constraints. "Large Expansion" shaft isavailable. EXNG & EXLT expandable shaft range allows the use of 70 and 200mm diameter core.


    Other expanding shafts

  • frb_76-2.png

    FRB Type
    Pneumatic shaft with friction rings
  • MPT-2.png

    MPT Type
    Air-mechanical expanding chuck without inner bladd