The Specialist of the winding/unwinding.

AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY designs and realizes winding and unwinding product devices for packaging, textile and plastic industries.

Leader on expansible shaft and safety chucks on French market, the company includes two subsidiaries in Germany and Poland, which are a significant resource to ensure a nearness service throughout Europe.

Mecha-Pneumatic head, Rotary joint, Corona Treatment and other spreading shafts complete the line of products which can solve your winding or unwinding needs.

AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY is based on great technical skills and a wide experience since 1944. Company’s main site hosts an integrated shaft manufacturing workshop, allowing flexibility and respect of deadlines.

AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY is part of REG group, a family company specialized in industrial equipment goods.

  • AIRMAT TECHNOLOGY FRANCE 21 Rue de l’Abbé Jerzy Popielusko BP 219 62 304 LENS cedex - Phone : +33 (0)3 21 79 31 20
  • Commercial website for Germany Marktstrasse 3 - Centrum am Markt, 77694 KEHL - Phone : +49 (0)7851 89 886-0
  • Poland, Eastern of Europe - Phone & Fax : +48 32 627 39 25