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MECA type

Mechanical pin shaft

A shaft dedicated to high-speed winding/unwinding

Designed for winding and unwinding coils at high speed, these shafts guarantee excellent concentricity. They allow the use of one or more coils on the same shaft. Their range of use is very wide. They have been developed for users who do not have or do not want to use compressed air. The expansion of the shaft is mechanical, which allows, depending on the tightening of the operator, excellent torque transmission values. They can be made as a half pin for cantilever applications. Simple and without particular maintenance, it is a particularly robust tree. Its airless design is useful for all work in vacuum chambers or in applications whose cycles are spread over several days. It is a widely used tree model in the printing industry. These shafts are made of steel, they are equipped with striated steel nipples. The custom design and manufacture of the shafts allows the perfect match with your needs and in particular your torque, load and speed constraints. The range of MECA-type expandable shafts allows the use of chucks with diameters of 70 and 76mm.



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