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Pneumatic bar shaft with lateral adjustment

A shaft that allows the movement of the reel in winding / unwinding

Designed for the winding and unwinding of lightly loaded and cantilevered reels, they allow the position of the reel to be adjusted in relation to the frame of the machine without having to deflate the shaft. For carrier axes, fixed or rotating, there are several solutions. The ECR or EXR versions allow the spool to be moved axially while winding the film without having to stop the machine. They are suitable for the use of cardboard, plastic or steel cores. Depending on the constraints of use, our shafts can be equipped with aluminum strips, smooth or ribbed shells and polyurethane for the EXR version only. The custom design and manufacture of the shafts allows the perfect match with your needs and in particular your torque, load and speed constraints. The range of EXR & ECR type expandable shafts allows the use of chucks with diameters varying between 70 and 150mm.



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